The Fall of Men   July 9, 2011

Once upon a time before the dawn of history, men went out each day to hunt or forage in order to find that day’s meal. In those days, when the only weapons were spears, hunting must have been very hard and dangerous. They would have to travel long distances in search of game and then, if the hunt was successful, they would have to carry it back to the camp.Women must have admired the men of the tribe for their hard work and bravery.

Then one day one of the men decided that it would be much easier if they could corral the animals so that they would no longer have to hunt for them each day. If the animals were penned so that they could not roam about it would make catching the daily meal much easier. In fact, now they could simply go out in the woods, hang out with the other men and then at the end of the day, slay one of the corralled animals and take it back to the camp. Life was indeed much easier for the men. In order to preserve their lifestyle of relaxation and to maintain the respect of their women, the men conspired to keep their newfound invention, herding, a secret. Every evening the men continued to bring home the night’s meal and the women greeted them with admiration and thankfulness. They must have become great hunters to have a successful hunt every day. Life was good for men.

After the passage of time there came a young hunter recently of age and seeking a mate. He had his eye on a particular woman who was playing hard to get. He made much fine jewelry for her but she was not impressed. He painted many fine pictures for her but she was not swayed. He built a fine tent but she would not move in. He promised her that he would never allow her to go hungry but she was not persuaded. After all how could he guarantee a successful hunt every day. How could any man promise that?

Finally, in desperation he decided to prove his cleverness to her, he took her to the corral when the men kept their animals. She was indeed impressed by his cleverness.

She went back to the tribe and told the other ladies all that she had seen. They could not believe the stories of wild animals penned up in a corral. They had to see for themselves. She took them to the corral just in time to see them men slaying the day’s catch.

That night at the camp the evening went as usual, but when the men retired to their tents they were confronted by their wives.

“Hunting all day?”

“Travelling great distances through the heat and snow following the roaming herds?”

“Facing dangerous animals on the hunt?"

That night each man faced the contempt and anger of their wife for the very first time. It was a long night indeed. The men did not understand this. After all, they were able to feed their families much better as there was always fresh meet readily available. And it was much safer for them to not have to wander so far from the camp. What difference did it make that they were able to enjoy some relaxation? Was it not a suitable reward for their ingenuity?

But the women had other ideas. If the men were not spending so much time hunting then they could spend time decorating their tents with murals, or they could make more fine bone jewely. Or they could spend more time enjoying another recent discovery with their wives, language.

The following day the young hunter entered the woods with the others. He did not return to the camp that night and was never heard from again. But it was too late. Man had lost the respect and admiration of women forever. The secret was out that men are essentially lazy creatures. The fall of men had occurred and it was irrevocable.