Personal Mission Statement   August 17, 2012

We can all decide what we will think. We can think about successes or losses. We can think about what we have or what we don’t have. We can have thoughts of anger, envy, vengeance, love, peace. We can think happy memories. We can count our blessings. We can plan for the future or we can think about giving up.

What happens to us and how much enjoyment we have depends much more on what we choose to think than anything else.

A long time ago during a hard time I started to write down the things that I want to contemplate so that in hard times I would be able to remind myself of what I believe, what I value, who I strive to be. Eventually it made its way to a web page so that I could share parts of it with some of my friends. In doing so they can hold me accountable. It has evolved quite a bit over the last dozen years or so. It is still useful for me to read in hard times. I wish I had referred to it more often. If I had I would have made fewer mistakes.

I stumbled upon this accidentally but I recommend it to everyone. It is good to remind yourself.