The Correct Response to the Islamic Protesters   September 19, 2012

Last week Islamic zealots attacked Americans and American embasies in response to a video that was posted on Youtube.

The most important requirements of a free society are freedom of speech, assembly and press. If the government or even a majority have the authority to silence unpopular ideas on any grounds then the society is no longer free. EVERY good idea begns as unpopular. It is not until it is openly aired that it can be vetted as good or bad. And in a free society we all participate in the vetting process, not just the government, the majority, those who think they are smart... all of us.

The consequence of living in a free society is that sometimes you are going to be offended. But when you are offended take comfort that you also have the right to voice your opinion freely even when your opinion is unpopular.

It is unfortunate that so many people in other countries are offended by things that they hear from Americans. I am often offended but what I hear, see and read. But if they assume that any American citizen speaks for all of American then they simply don't understand America and freedom, and that is the most unfortunate thing of all.

That is what both Obama and Romney should have said, but neither did.